Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Letter from My Anonymous Sperm Donor Father

About a week after my half-siblings Hans and Simone contacted me online and "friended" me on Facebook, I received the long anticipated letter from my biological father.  Our father. 

He said he'd never expected me to be able to find him.  He said I'd had 20 years to get used to the idea of who he might be but that he had literally never thought of the offspring he'd created from his "donations." 

He said his wife was very upset that I had found them.  He said she is staunchly Catholic and had only agreed to let him donate sperm all those years ago under the condition that no one would ever know.

He forbade me ever to say his name on social media.  He forbade me ever to mention his children on social media.  He forbade me to contact Hans or Simone unless they contacted me first. 

He told me to be grateful for the parents who raised me because they made me who I am. 

He told me his favorite book, how tall he claims to be, and that he has no hobbies to speak of.  He answered all my questions.  Then he said breast cancer runs in the family, as does colon cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.  My grandfather died young after quadruple bypass surgery.  My grandmother had colon cancer when she died, but he says it was the diabetes that killed her.  She was already senile at the time, Hans told me later.  Barely 70.

He told me never to contact him again.

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